Core Values

Core Values


Designing Environments That Transform Life™


Our mission is to develop and deliver interior design and interior architectural solutions that have a significant influence on the people they touch. Our goal is to set the standard in creative thinking, innovation and concern for the environment in a way that benefits and inspires people through the spaces we create. Everything we do, from design, to architecture, procurement, and installation, impacts the lives of people in a positive way.


We are consistently moving FORWARD, learning and growing, anticipating future trends and utilizing advanced technologies. FDG embodies the power and synergies of proactive teamwork and unparalleled vision to create living environments that are consistently the best in the market and stand the test of time.

We are passionately DEDICATED to building relationships with clients, vendors, family, one another and the world. We are removing barriers, standardizing methods and adhering to higher building standards [green and sustainable]. We have a Universal Understanding™ of GLOBAL design and embody our motto of “Design Driven Marketing”.


Adrienne Faulkner inherited a passion for design, global interests and innovation from her grandfather, renowned Dallas architect, George L. Dahl, FAIA. Dahl was the creator, innovator and chief architect for the 1936 Texas Centennial Exposition.

Dahl designed many Dallas landmarks, including the following and more:

  • The Neiman Marcus Building on Main Street (1927)

  • Titche-Goettinger Building on Elm Street (1929)

  • The Cotton Bowl at Fair Park (1936)

  • The Dallas Morning News Building on Young Street (1949)

  • Old Dallas Central Library on Commerce Street (1955)

  • First National Bank Tower on Elm Street (1965)

  • Owen Fine Art Center at SMU (1965)

  • The Earle Cabell Federal Building on Commerce Street (1971)

Dahl designed the first “drive- thru,” but didn’t patent his idea. He was among the first Texas architects to have a nationwide practice and was among the pioneers in fast-track design, which allowed for actual construction to begin even before the design was finished. Upon his retirement in 1973, he had produced some 3,000 projects throughout the country that are estimated to be worth $3 billion.



COLLECTIBLE George L. Dahl prints

Architectural-Images, founded by Adrienne Faulkner, showcases and sells giclee prints originated by her grandfather, the legendary architect and artist, George L. Dahl, FAIA. While on a Harvard Fellowship Grant, Dahl studied architecture throughout Europe and the Mediterranean from 1920‐1923.

Dahl was known for his work as Chief Architect of the 1936 Texas Centennial Exposition, the University of Texas at Austin campus master plan and many landmark buildings throughout the United States.