The Beginning of a Beautiful Internship

There is no denying, I was extremely nervous about my first week at Faulkner Design Group (FDG). You know that colossal fear and anticipation that passes through your mind when you step into a new building, going forth with the knowledge that you’re starting out brand new and know no one?

That was far from what I experienced. Of course, the ride on the elevator from the parking garage to the gleaming and immensely stylish floor owned by FDG was terrifying. However, the idea that I had been treated with the utmost kindness and sincerity from the time of my interview to the present lured me into the lobby of fashionable individuals.

I felt immediately welcomed, greeted by smiling faces, a goody bag with all kinds of treats, and a card from Adrienne Faulkner herself who welcomed me. There’s no better comfort than feeling as though you’re wanted.

And that’s exactly how those who worked for FDG made me feel!

The first day was filled with orientations and an overload of knowledge, my wonderful and beautiful front desk buddy, Stephanie Nwachukwu, assuring me that I didn’t have to remember everything right then and there. It was comforting knowing that I wasn’t expected to be an expert right at the start and that there were countless friendly faces around to help if I needed assistance.

Now, everyone knows that Safety Training is a big part of starting at a new company. I know what you’re thinking: gross. But FDG made it surprisingly bearable. And I’m not talking about creating a cute little song and dance to make the training videos seem more interesting.

They gave me a SECOND goody bag. This time, it was filled with candy, peanuts, a stress ball, a FDG water bottle, and a coloring book. They even gave me miniature colored pencils to use. It definitely made the training easier.

On my third day, things had settled down. I was still attending orientations where I learned more about each department and met new team members. The day seemed as if it was just beginning when dark clouds threatened the Dallas skyline.

We were quickly informed by multiple calls from the Dallas Independent School District that they would be closing early, taking into consideration the numerous warnings for hail scattered across the DFW area. I was approached by my incredibly creative mentor, Kristene Littlefield, and my amazing guide, Lanear Allen.

They were concerned about my safety regarding the oncoming storm, offering to let me leave early as to avoid the hail and the horrendous traffic the weather would bring. Although it seems like a seemingly small and insignificant gesture, it meant a great deal to me, as I’ve heard countless tales of employees having to brave bad weather from their desks rather than have their safety considered by their higher-ups.

It showed me that the individuals at FDG actually care about their employees and their safety, no matter what that means.

On Thursday, the last day of my first week, I was greeted with plans to attend one of the photo shoots at one of the newer properties FDG had helped create. A PHOTO SHOOT! And they wanted me to go and help.

While I’m sure the stars of the industry at FDG didn’t really need my “expertise” so to speak, it was incredible to think that just after one week, I was getting to do something interesting that furthered my own knowledge and portfolio. My coworkers notified me that any photographs I took during the shoot could be added to my own personal portfolio.

Their goal was for me to begin creating a name for myself. Another sign that they cared about me as a person. I wasn’t just viewed as the new girl who was there to grab coffee and file paperwork, though I wouldn’t mind doing either.

FDG values me as a worker, an innovator, and an individual. And let me tell you, it looks like the beginning of a beautiful internship.

Let me know what else you guys would like to hear about! There’s plenty more to come!

My handy-dandy New Employee Guide, complete with FDG water bottle, two of the many things I received upon my first week!

My handy-dandy New Employee Guide, complete with FDG water bottle, two of the many things I received upon my first week!