Meet the Intern, Torrey!

Hello world! My name is Torrey O’Brian and I’m a new intern at Faulkner Design Group. I’m writing this blog to allow the community to see the ins and outs of an award-winning and highly recognized interior architecture and design firm!

While I’m here, I’m going to be learning the Marketing and Communication side of the business and what all plays a role in making such an amazing company! I’ve only been here two weeks and I can already tell you how incredibly diverse and exciting it is to work in the environment Faulkner creates.

Everything from Jelly Bean Tasting Competitions on National Jelly Bean Day to creating outfits for the IIDA Fashion Forward contest (Faulkner’s design was obviously the winner of the Crowd’s Favorite), FDG does their very best to make their work interesting, exciting, and new for their employees and partners in every way.

Beginning with this introduction, I will be posting a new blog entry every Friday, revealing what cool things I’ve learned or seen during the week. I’ll also be open to suggestions on different topics my audience may be interested in learning about by comments and replies to the blog entry each week.

I’m very excited to embark on this experience and see what I can learn from this astounding company, sharing my adventures with all of you along the way!

Orientations are over and the work is just beginning at FDG!

Orientations are over and the work is just beginning at FDG!