25 Years of Gratitude

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the team at FDG and myself!


I love this time of year and have SO MUCH to be grateful for including each and every one of you. 

In honor of the season, our 25th Anniversary this year, and Christmas being on the 25th after all, I want to share with you 25 things I’m grateful for this year. 

Gratitude is a value I hold very dear to my heart and brings us straight to number one on my list:

Lee Brower and the Empowered Wealth program. 

My coach and friend who taught me about going BIG amongst so many other values.  Every Monday we start our staff meeting by going BIG, meaning, “Begin In Gratitude”.  Lee’s work has been a huge influence on my life and I like to share that knowledge with everyone here and start our week from a place of thankfulness.



I am grateful for TODAY. 

When looking at the big picture, this moment, right now is all we really have.



My family.

I have two beautiful boys and am lucky to still have both of my parents! Their spirits and energy give me strength.



My health… to be above ground!

When I was first asked what 25 years of FDG meant to me, my immediate response was, “has it been that long!?”, but I can honestly say I am incredibly blessed to be at the helm of a continually exploring company.



The opportunity to start FDG in 1992 on just a wing and a prayer! 

I didn’t have a clear vision or goal to create the 41st largest interior architecture and design firm in the country; I just knew I could better serve clients not working for someone else.  I’ve learned to balance what the company needs with client requests, something I believe we have to continue carrying on to younger generations.



My very first client.

Former Dallas Cowboys quarterback, Troy Aikman.



That my desk is no longer a dining room table! 

I started in my very own home.  It’s been UNREAL to see just how much our company has grown.



Surviving two BIG office moves in 25 years

And on top of all our regular day-to-day work and installs.



Designing and moving into our beautiful new office this last year.

It's still a work in progress. We learned first hand the familiar trope of the cobbler's children having no shoes!



I get to transform lives every day.

I coined the term “Designing Environments That Transform Life™,” meaning, we’re in the business of creating successful communities for our clients, and, in creating their successes, we find success ourselves, which is the true meaning of our journey.



To be surrounded by really talented people who are smarter than me.  

I continue to be very humbled about what I learn each and every day from being surrounded by such fun, talented, and creative people! I added “Group” to the Faulkner company because we come together as a team, supporting and affirming one another.



Amazing leadership growing our future leaders! 

Faulkner wouldn’t be what it is without all of these wonderful leaders who have developed our company into one that is not only highly respected and sought after, but, one that has earned the allegiance of our employees.



I get to work with some of the largest developers and financial partners in the nation! 

25 years ago, I couldn’t have dreamed of being where we are now!



The ability to be pushing boundaries, dedicating myself and my team to transforming the lives of our clients, their residents, and their constituents. 

We are dedicated to sustainability and holistically making the world a better place, striving to think outside the box and finding creative solutions to each and every challenge in an environment that celebrates our achievements.



Our most award winning year ever!

We’ve been named in nearly 30 different achievement categories in 2017!




I’m excited to be learning from younger generations while at the same time passing on my knowledge to them.  Together, we can create environments that are conducive to the inter connecting of generations allowing Platinums (aka seniors) the opportunity to receive inspiration and joy from younger people while the younger are able to gain insight, wisdom, and joy as well.



I have a passionate team that truly believes we work hard to play hard.

A value I love to share!



Being part of a team that is moving FORWARD. 

We spend a huge percentage of our lives working, therefore it’s important to like the people on our teams.  It’s important to uphold and honor the same mission, the same vision, and the same values.  We want to constantly be going forward, moving, and growing each day to be a better reflection of who we were yesterday.



Green Lab:

Building a LEED Platinum Universally Designed model home that will serve as a guided platform on what needs to be happening in the construction and development business.



The opportunity to travel!

I was able to visit Italy this year and bring a taste back to the office.  I’m looking forward to sharing more about this experience and others on how they relate to FDG and our design process!



Meeting new people and making new connections! 

I hosted a friend from India from the company Mahindra and Mahindra a few years ago around New Year’s.  I toured them all over Dallas, setting up site visits, going to dinners, etc.  He and his son had just given $10 million to the Harvard School of Economics and on one of our tours of a senior living residence we met the first female graduate of the Harvard School of Economics! I love it when people come together in that way.



The vendor and client relationships we’ve made over the last 2.5 decades. 

I’ve made a lot of wonderful life- long friends from these connections.



To have 2018 just around the corner already brimming with projects and opportunities!

I am so thankful for our professional partnerships and relationships.



The many role models and coaches in my life who have helped make all of this possible!

With them, my life has been richer with knowledge that I have been able to share with my team; I owe a lot to them.



last but not least, what I want for all my friends and family whom I am forever grateful for is to have GRATITUDE!

Stop complaining and don’t sweat the small stuff. Look at the beauty that is in your life, look at the silver lining, be appreciative of the sun that’s shining, and be appreciative of the little things.  Don’t miss the little things!