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Read EFA Magazine Spring 2018 to see our project, T. Boone Pickens Hospice and Palliative Care Center, featured for receiving the Award of Merit in the EFA Design Showcase (page 50): http://www.nxtbook.com/nxtbooks/efa/2018spring/

Read EFA Magazine Fall 2017 to see our project, Renaissance, on the cover, and T. Boone Pickens Hospice and Palliative Care Center feature story (page 36): http://www.nxtbook.com/nxtbooks/efa/2017fall/


With hundreds of awards under our belt, Faulkner Design Group and its partners have been recognized by some of the industry’s leading award designations.

Most Recent Awards

2018 NAHB Best In American Living Award Finalists

Mixed-Use Multifamily
One Uptown — Dallas, TX

Development 4-7 Stories, For Rent
Camden North End — Phoenix, AZ

2018 Stevie® Awards for Women in Business

Executive of the Year - Business Services - 11 to 2,500 Employees
Adriene Akin Faulkner, CEO + Chief Creative Officer

Maverick of the Year
Michelle Duncum, COO + CMO

Employee of the Year - Business
Stacy Peters, Director of Design


Best Low-Rise Apartment Community
Maybrook Mansion — Wynnewood, PA

Best High-Rise Apartment Community
One Uptown — Dallas, TX

2018 Dallas Admin Awards

Founders Award Finalist

2018 Grand Aurora Award

Best Multifamily Housing Community - 5 Stories or More
One Uptown — Dallas, TX

Best Interior Merchandising Rental Apartment or Condo
Broadstone LTD — Dallas, TX

Best Multifamily Housing Community - up to 4 Stories
The Michael — Austin, TX

2018 Silver Aurora Award

Best Mixed Use Project
One Uptown — Dallas, TX

Best Multifamily Housing Community - up to 4 Stories for Rent
Broadstone LTD — Dallas, TX

Best Multifamily Residential Community of the Year
Broadstone LTD — Dallas, TX

Best Multifamily Housing Community - up to 5 Stories Built for Rent
Broadstone Evoke — Plano, TX


2018 Gold Nugget merit awards

Best Multifamily Housing Community – 100+ du/acre
One Uptown — Dallas, TX

2018 Dallas Business Journal's Women in Business Awards

Adrienne Akin Faulkner


2018 Private Companies
2018 North Texas Architecture Firms

2018 Environments for aging Design Showcase Merit Award

T. Boone Pickens Hospice and Palliative Care Center  – Dallas, TX




Rank #41
Interior Design Magazine



You and your associates have been great. Your efforts and willingness to go beyond is truly appreciated. You and your teams design and work product is just awesome.
— H. Jack Snyder, Shelbourne Healthcare Development Group, LLC.
I absolutely loved the two models. The design was tremendous, the install was great, and [we] felt there was literally no feedback we could give to make them better.
— Greg McDearmon, Senior Vice President, NTS Development Company
Just want to take this opportunity to thank you both for the quickest turn around ever... You are the best consultant on this job when it comes to responses and guidance during the construction process. I love working with your team.
— Shawn Augustine, Avalon Bay
You did an INCREDIBLE job on the interior design. Marveled at every step... All spectacular. I’m (even more) a fan.
— Jay Rosser, Vice President of Public Affairs, BP Capital
Great job at the clubhouse and model apartment! One of the best designed clubhouse spaces I have seen for a multi-family housing community. Congrats and thank you!
— Kevin J. Straub, Vice President, Junius Real Estate Partners
Thanks to the Faulkner team for catching these issues early. Too often, this stuff is discovered late in the game... The end results are schedule delays, buying new stuff for $2 on the $1 and getting credits on 50 cents on the $1 because of change order process, and distraction of the building team from other pressing issues, and other inefficiencies.
I wish all of your peers in the industry would act in such a professional manner. Thank you Faulkner Design for recognizing the problem and stepping up early!
— Greg Golick, Vice President Construction, Camden
Touring the [T. Boone] Pickens center and your color schemes and your interior designs are starting to come to life. Amazing, my friend. Can’t wait to see it finished... this will be a gift to many.
— Godwin Dixon, Former President/CEO, Presbyterian Communities and Services Foundation
[You tell] me regularly to “trust your designer” and you guys have certainly earned the right to tell me that. Thank you for continually pushing the envelope.
— Brian J. Tusa, Chairman & CEO, Trinsic Residential Group