About the property:

Sitting on the historical site entrance of Pearl Harbor, The Kapilina Beach community was built on the land of a former U.S. Military base. Carmel Partners, Inc., a San Francisco-based real estate investment firm, saw great potential in what the undeveloped land could offer along with Faulkner Design Group.  The teams set out to create a resort-like experience for people who wanted to rent property in a more secluded area, west of Honolulu. The redesign included a major beach renovation including building rock jetties to re-landscape the shoreline from previous erosion and adding a multi-amenity community center.

The community center also offers inspired design, while remaining true to Hawaiian culture. FDG used many locally sourced materials, like Hawaiian Monkeypod Wood, to create an authentic feel as seen in many of the custom made pieces throughout the property as well as a living wall (literally a wall of organic and live materials), using plants and flowers native to Hawaii.  



2017 Multifamily Executive Merit Award - Best Reuse of Land
2017 NAHB The Nationals Silver Award - Best Clubhouse